Join Studio B!

Membership helps sustain the programming provided by Studio B. Please visit our Member Page to see our current Bearcasso (Artist) Members. Membership dues can be mailed to Studio B, 39A Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown, PA 19512

Benefits include but are not limited to the following:
1. A page with your bio and image of your work on Studio B’s website
2. Eligibility to participate in Studio B’s On the Road exhibits
3. Free registration to Studio B’s annual December Members and Friends exhibit
4. Free registration to Studio B’s annual Eco show celebrating the environment
5. Use of the studio or classroom galleries for small group meetings, workshops, or classes
6. Studio B’s social media promotion of exhibits, activities, and awards you receive at your request
7. Discounts on art classes
8. Discounts at several local eateries and framing venues
Thanks! We thank you for your membership! As a community-run gallery, we are grateful for the support of the artist community. We wouldn’t exist without your participation and your support!
Eager to help! We hope that you enjoy and value your relationship with us and appreciate our on-going efforts to promote you and provide opportunities for you to showcase your work for sale. We work hard to provide creative avenues for the public to get to know our local artists and learn more about the value of purchasing original art.
Our Community Service: We have been proud to provide the Boyertown area community with a venue that showcases outstanding fine art by local artists, a place to learn more about art and artists, and a “go to” place for fun, entertainment, and friendship.
We believe that we’ve added and inspired an important artistic element to the community since we’ve began in 2008, that the community’s revitalization and economic growth have been enhanced through our presence, and that we’ve only just begun to see the benefits of our presence in Boyertown’s renaissance.