Poetry Reading with Jennifer Hetrick, July 23rd, 1-3pm

Jen Hetrick has a poetry reading scheduled for July 23, 1-3 p.m. re: her third book of poems of folks who worked in manufacturing in Berks County “back in the day.”
The third and final book for the labors of our fingertips: poems from manufacturing history in berks county is almost complete. Copies will be available for purchase by August, and a few sets of volume one and two are still available for anyone who would like to scoop up a copy via the gofundme campaign or the old-fashioned approach with hearty dollars and checks– the books are $20 each, including tax.
Sponsorships of any amount are also welcome from businesses, nonprofits, and individuals until July 1, 2017, a few weeks before the final manuscript’s deadline. Please reach out via email to find out more, if you’re interested. Sponsors will be noted in the third volume as well as the blog and Facebook for these efforts.
gloria sands, colebrookdale township | born: 1938
some poems you wait
to paint across a single
page in the final
volume because you
save the proverbial best
for last. calm holder
of my envy since
the one-eyed pony poem
of my college days,
you remember your
aunt mildred’s black apron, full
of tools over her
skirt. sherie kicked, knocked
from her belly-home to say,
i hear those machines,

momma, as you did
looping for lou lignelli’s
one hosiery mill
at fourth and berks streets.
that boss didn’t have much hair,
just light red strands, thin.
mildred walked the floor,
checked motors, one of your feet
in the door through her
 foot already there.
uncle eli once told you
 some men in world war
ii wanted seam-backed*
stockings, mailed fast, to europe—
for their prostitutes.
*this style came before gloria sands helped to make stockings in boyertown borough but served as an interesting factoid from her uncle’s knowledge of serving in world war ii; eli hoch died in 2016 at the age of 98.